Monday, July 8, 2013

Why Do SEO Firms Charge Thousands ?

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SEO firms charge what seems to be, and often is a whole lot of money to properly optimize your site. Notice how I said "properly optimize" your site. You can pay someone small money to get your site on the first pages of Google and Yahoo. I once got a phone call from an overseas firm that told me if I paid them $40.00 per month and sign a contract for a year that they would get my site on the first page of Google guaranteed. After I agreed and gave them my credit card info and thier first $40.00 they seemed to ignore me. When I called to ask why I was'nt on Google first page they quickly changed thier tune. The technician on the phone told me that it would take about 4 or 5 months before I would see my site. This was something that I was never told when I agreed to a one year contract with them. Then the technician also told me that it would take time for me to show up on the second page. I quickly got into an arguement with him because now he was telling me I would be on the second page and not the first page of Google.
Heres what really happened
The firm that I hired was not going to do much for the $40.00 per month. They just call up and solicit people to sign up for a year contract and they are so busy it takes them 4 or 5 months to do what should only take a week. The technician just stalls his customers to keep them pacified. The reality is that this firm would wind up getting my site on the search engine Google maybe at some point halfway through our 1 year contract, and the way they would do this would be through some obscure search keywords. By the time I complain they would already be paid for 6 months work. I caught this early when I first signed up with them and by the way that they deceptively kept changing what they were telling me.

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